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Macloops is a massive resource for free apple loops and samples. We have thousands of AIFF format apple loops ranging from drum loops, bass loops and synth loops to guitar loops, cinematic and lots more.

All you need to do to start downloading our apple loops right now is sign up for a free membership and then get searching for the sounds you want. Once you've found the sounds you want you'll need to give the page a 'like' via Facebook, Twitter or Google + and the free downloads will be displayed. Free members can download 10 free apple loops. If you prefer easier downloads or unlimited downloads you can always upgrade your membership.

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What is an Apple Loop?

Since you're already hear we figured that you most likely know what Apple Loops are, but just in case you're not entirely sure, let us explain for you.

An Apple Loops is a type of audio file that uses the .aiff file extension. What makes them so special is the little amount of meta data stored within the file that tells Garageband and Logic some vital information about the file.

The information stored within the file can include things like genre, instrument, key, tempo, time signature and much more. The reason for this is so that it's easier for you to find the sounds you need when working on a song in Garageband and searching for loops in the loop browser.

Pretty cool eh?

Where do our Apple Loops come from?

Macloops would be nothing without the generosity of our benefactors Platinumloops and Silicon Beats. Both labels have been around for a long time and produce only the highest quality loops and samples to suite a huge variety of genres. If you want top notch inspiration at a great price with reliable customer service, be sure to check them both out.