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Free Samples for Logic ProThis site is brimming with thousands of samples for Logic Pro users. All you've got to do is signup, find the samples you want, give the page a like and you're good to go. Membership is free and allows you to download 10 free apple loops with a personal use license.

For commercial/professional use of our samples choose from our Membership Options.

Doesn't that sound easy?

We've got a massive selection of samples on offer, so just use the menu on the right to navigate to the sounds you need. We've got everything from bass guitar right through to funky saxophone and progressive house samples.

If you're viewing this site on your phone the menu will be towards the bottom of your screen.

  • Free Garageband Drum Fills

    Free Garageband Drum Fills

    Garageband drum fills are often the glue that holds a beat together. When you need to seamlessly flow from verse into chorus, a live drum fill will bridge that gap with flare. Download these drum …

  • Electro House Loops for Garageband

    Electro House Loops for Garageband

    Take command of the dance floor with basslines that crush! These hard hitting electro house samples should help you to wobble some ear drums and raise the temperature in the club. Drop these house …

  • House Samples Sound Effects for Garageband

    House Samples Sound Effects for Garageband

    Let someone else do all of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on the creativity in your beats. These collections of House Samples and Sound Effects for EDM producers let you do just …

  • Bass Guitar Loops for Garageband

    Bass Guitar Loops for Garageband

    Drop some live bass guitar loops into Garageband and inject some infectious grooves into your beats. No matter how advanced virtual instruments become, you'll never quite replicate the true groove …

  • Pop Producer Loops for Garageband

    Pop Producer Loops for Garageband

    When it's time to create some super glitzy POP beats that are ready to smash the charts, these pop for Garageband are primed and ready for you to download and drop straight into Garageband. From …

  • Soul Drum Loops for Garageband

    Soul Drum Loops for Garageband

    Put some soul into your beats with some live soul drum loops from the masters of drum recording at Silicon Beats. When it comes to capturing that live Motown sound, It doesn't get more authentic …

  • Free Garageband Blues Drum Loops

    Free Garageband Blues Drum Loops

    Give your beats that authentic Blues vibe with some live, organic blues drum loops for Garageband and Logic. These Apple Loops come to you in the classic AIFF file format and ready and waiting to be …

  • Free Cheesy Guitar Loops

    Free Cheesy Guitar Loops

    With ‘Cheesy Guitar Loops’ you get acoustic guitar riffs and melodies that form the basis for your cheesy beats. Add your own drums, vocals or other instruments to take these cute little ideas to …

  • Dubstep Loops for Garageband

    Dubstep Loops for Garageband

    Test the limits of your sound system with these monster dubstep loops for Garageband and Logic. When it comes to producing high quality dubstep beats you need loops that have the power to sink …

  • Free Horror Music Loops

    Free Horror Music Loops

    Watch out for the full moon, clutch your crucifix tightly, sharpen your wooden stakes or just download these Garageband Horror music loops and stay on the right side of the silver screen. Create …

  • Tech House Loops for Garageband

    Tech House Loops for Garageband

    Redline your beats by downloading these sick Tech House Loops for Garageband and Logic. Properly formatted Apple Loops in AIFF format. With drums, bass synth, leads and FX these sample are ready for …

  • Free Garageband Double Bass Loops

    Free Garageband Double Bass Loops

    What instrument do you turn to when you need MORE bass? You go straight for some upright double bass loops to get the fattest bass response possible in any acoustic stringed instrument. Drop some …

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