Free Garageband Hip Hop Samples

Free Hip Hip Samples for Garageband

Whether you're looking for bangin trap samples or some smooth RnB sounds to get your grind on, these free Garageband Hip Hop Samples are just what the Dr ordered. We've got a club crushing selection of West Coast, East Coast, RnB and Dirty South Trap samples to help you blow the speakers off any gang bangers sound system.

If you play these sounds at a suitably offensive volume you'll end up attracting the attention of the Po Po, so make sure you've got Garageband fired up so as to demonstrate your 'legit' status as a top producer.

Here's Your Selection:

What's Your Poison?

Whether you produce pure Pop or the hardest Trap Music your speakers can handle, Macloops has got the Garageband samples you'll need to make a solid club banger. We're giving you a selection of drums, synths, vocals, guitars and bass licks that should get you started on your quest for chart domination.

It's not just about Garageband

Hey, even if you prefer Logic Pro, these Apple Loops will work in pretty much any DAW. You could even throw these babies into Ableton, FL Studio or Cubase to draw inspiration from the Macloops pool of ideas that we've got for you.

If you're an iPad warrior, be sure to import our Apple Loops via iTunes so that they show up in your loop browser. You'll need to hook up the iPad to a computer to get it done right.

Have Fun and Comment Below

We hope you have fun with the free Apple Loops you've download from Macloops. If you make any cool songs with the samples. feel free to post a comment below. Don't be hating or spamming, we'll just delete your comment and close your account. Keep it fund and friendly.

About Macloops

Macloops has been offering the music production community free sounds since 2007. We're constantly updating our catalog of free loops and samples so be sure to check our social media pages for the latest updates. Please comment on our posts and share our pages with your friends.

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